To the Vast Users:
  Welcome to make use of our jinxin brand aluminum alloy profile materials, PVC plastic complex profile materials, bridge cut-off heat insulation profile materials and thanks to your patronage to us in so many years.
  Tianjin City Ganglv Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and Tianjin City Jinxin Plastic Material Co., Ltd. are subsidiaries of Tianjin Jinxin Nonferrous Metal Group, which, established in 1984, covers 60000 square meters including a floor area of 50000 square meters, possesses fixed assets of over 100 million RMB, employs a staff of over 700 people including 90-odd medium and higher level managing staffers and 30-odd medium and higher level technicians, and fulfils output of 250 million RMB annually. With advanced processing equipment and production lines introduced from Germany and Taiwan, the group can annually produce 10000 tons of aluminum profile material, 5000 tons of copper profile material, 5000 tons of plastic profile material, 200 thousand square meters of curtain walls, doors and windows, which are sold in US, ROK, Japan, Holland, Germany and China and praised by users.
  Tianjin City Ganglv Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is established with vertical casting workshop, 3000T, 1800T, 1630T, 800T and 500T squeezing workshop, aging furnace and vertical air circulation quenching furnace performing heat treatment, sanding workshop undertaking surface treatment, anodizing workshop to get silvery, bronzy, coppery and black color profile materials, etc. The casting, squeezing, aging, wind quenching, water quenching and anodizing procedures can process pipes, bars and profile materials for aluminum alloy building, traffic, electronic, radiator, furnishing and civil industries.
  The company is able to design and process moulds, and thus to develop new profile products. Usually small section materials can be supplied within 15 days.
  The company has a full set of quality guarantee system from raw materials to finished products, controlling technics and production strictly according to national standards and ensuring qualified sizes tolerance and mechanical properties to let you have high quality raw materials.
  The company have chemical tests before furnace entry to control the chemical ingredients of the alloy, fulfilling no adulteration or falsification to supply you real good aluminum alloy profile material.
  The 3000T squeezing machine can produce large aluminum alloy profile material with outer diameter within 400mm. The vertical air circulation quenching furnace can process 6063(LD31), 6061(LD30)/2A12(LD10), 2A14(LY12) , etc. T6 super hard aluminum alloy bar material. Our electrostatic painting production line can provide color aluminum profile material.
  Tianjin City Jinxin Plastic Material Co., Ltd. can provide 88 series, 80 series, 60 series, etc. a variety of matching PVC plastic steel door and window profile material. Recently in order to meet demands for energy saving products, we have developed 86 series, 55 series and 60 series bridge cut-off heat insulation profile material and 80 series, 55 series and 60 series aluminum plastic complex door and window profile material for you to choose.
  With normal management, advanced techniques and strong capacity, we have won many honors and certificates such as National Industrial Production Warrant by the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine general bureau, ISO9001-2000 Certificate by Swiss SGS, British UKAS Crown Certificate, Quality Up-to-standard Unit by Agricultural Ministry, Designated Aluminum Profile Material Manufacturer by Radiator Committee of Chinese Metal Structure Association of Construction Ministry, City Advanced Enterprise by Tianjin City Government, Second-rate Prize of National Spark Technology Plan.
  Based on practicalism, innovation and initiative, we serve you with first-rate techniques, management, and quality.
  We welcome visit and patronage by friends from all circles and we are ready to cooperate with brother companies for common development.
  jinxin brand aluminum, copper and plastic profile material will accompany you into a brighter future.
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